Contact & Product Submission

About VirtualMe SL & An Introduction:

VirtualMe SL is a blog uniquely targeting those artists in SL who take a little extra time for custom meshes, original artwork, and all-around GREAT enhancements to Second Life Fashion. In my time as an avid blog-follower I’ve noticed that the Vendors with the deepest pockets are plastered all over the top blogs. This blog will highlight stores found in the deepest depths of Second Life, REALLY bringing out those hidden treasures to our readers.

For more information about VirtualMe and its writer, Danni Darbyshire, check out our Intro Post.

Product Submission:

Are you a shopper who’s found a product you’d love to share, or a builder wanting to get your product some notice? Until July 31st, 2013 – VirtualMe SL will be accepting product submissions for review FREE!

Want your product reviewed on VirtualMe SL? Shoot me a notecard with the product attached! I review products on a first come first-serve basis, and try to review as available.

As the blog is new, I’ll be reviewing products for FREE until July 31, 2013 — so get your submissions in early! All submissions will have a blog post up and published within 72 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: In the name of journalistic integrity I will be giving an HONEST review of your product and will not accept bribes or linden to alter a review. I will, however, if a review is negative (because lets be honest here, there’s some crap in SL) the vendor will be given the opportunity to review the post before it is published. I promise to never slander a vendor as we are all here to grow our products in Second Life, and respect the time and effort put into products.


Second Life Avatar: Danni Darbyshire
Twitter: @VirtualMeSL

Your submission should include:

A name of the product, vendor, a link to the product either in marketplace or an SLURL to the mainstore. Contact information for the person submitting and the product to be reviewed.

When will my product be reviewed?

Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis. In order to keep the blog fresh and not overload the readers, posts will be limited to one per day. Once the product is accepted for review, the you will be contacted with a post date.

What are the perks?

Regular product submitters will receive preferred post status – earning the right to cut ahead in line for new products. Professional shoppers will receive shout-outs in the blog and 10% off of vendor submissions and advertising space.

Shopper & Vendor Submission & Subsciptions

Submit a product to be reviewed – FREE until July 31, 2013 ($250L + product after)
Submit a vendor to be reviewed – FREE until July 31, 2013 ($1,000L + 2-3 products to review)

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